Car Repair

Audi Fuel Injector Repair

How to Repair the Fuel Injector for an Audi

Fuel efficiency is one of the top priorities for drivers today, and we can’t blame them; gas costs are expensive and the price doesn’t seem to be going down significantly any time soon. One of the parts of your car …

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Car Owner & Mechanic Discussion

Is Your Auto Repair Shop Being Fair When Estimating Your Mercedes Engine Repair Cost?

Automotive repair is one of those necessary evils for many people—it can seem as though it brings little reward at a great cost. However, ongoing vehicle maintenance can keep your car performing its best, including optimizing fuel economy and extending …

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Air Conditioning blowing Hot Air

Car Air-Conditioning Blowing Hot Air: What to Do?

Summertime is the time for relaxation, extended vacations, and time away from the stresses of daily life. You get in your car to go to work on a particularly warm Friday morning before your weekend trip, you turn on your …

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