Tucked between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Hollywood, Florida gives residents a beautiful beachside town with seemingly year-round perfect weather. Enjoying the perfect weather is just that much more enjoyable when it’s behind the wheel of a meticulously kept and maintained luxury vehicle. When kept well maintained and properly serviced, brands like BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz fit right in with the white sand, crisp blue water beaches and when it comes to ensuring the best service for your vehicle, there is no substitution for quality.

For almost three decades Motronix has provided luxury vehicle owners in Hollywood, Florida the perfect independently owned and operated mechanic alternative to the large, impersonal dealerships. Your BMW or Audi has been made with a custom designed service and maintenance schedule, specifically formed to fit the needs of your model of vehicle, settling for simply any mechanic’s paint by numbers service simply won’t help your car achieve the performance that you expect from it.

Providing reasonably priced services, backed with years of experience, our Mercedes specialists have seen the progression and integration of performance and technology grow by the day and we are confident in our abilities to keep your vehicle finely tuned, whether it’s an external or internal issue that needs solving.

Utilizing dealership quality tools and diagnostic equipment, your car will receive the same level of quality that a dealership would provide but with a fraction of the wait time, a more personal touch in the service as well as a more affordable and competitive price.

Florida may be known as a popular tourist destination but we know that the residents here have needs that simply must be met. That is why we back all of our repair work with a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty, ensuring that while you may not always be able to get service for your vehicle, when you trust Motronix with your car you can count on the service to be done right.

The same issue repeating cannot only be expensive but extremely frustrating, that’s why the technicians at Motronix strive to provide your car with the proper maintenance and service that it needs and what has helped us earn our reputation as one of the best independent mechanics in Hollywood, Florida and the surrounding areas.