South Florida

Whether you’re pulling up to a Heat game on a Friday night or getting ready for Spring Break, there is no place that epitomizes luxury and exudes cool quite like the cities throughout South Florida. Known as a cornerstone of perfection, South Florida is home to some of the most popular and well-kept beaches, clubs and of course; the cars. Top of the line luxury vehicles like the latest Audi’s, BMWs and Mercedes-Benz are staples of the larger than life atmosphere that surrounds South Florida and while these vehicles are pinnacles of performance, luxury and style, it takes a lot of work to keep them that way.

Rather than choosing the expensive dealerships when it’s time for service for your vehicle, trust the expert technicians at Motronix for any of your car’s maintenance needs. For almost 30 years we have provided unparalleled service for luxury vehicle owners throughout all of the hottest South Florida areas. Amassing a loyal clientele by offering nothing but the best in terms of the quality of work your vehicle receives as well as outstanding and personalized customer service that you simply would not receive from the larger dealership mechanics.

For these import brands of luxury car like BMW, Audi and Mercedes, the maintenance schedules are rigorously designed with your car’s specific needs in mind and the rigidness of them is meant to ensure that your car is kept completely free of any substantial damages or developing issues by keeping your car ahead of the game and finely tuned, detecting these issues and repairing them immediately and at Motronix that is what we strive to do.

Throughout South Florida it can be difficult to find quality service and repair work for your luxury vehicle, service that you know you can count on and with that in mind, we back our service and repair work 100% by offering warranties on all repairs of 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. Standing out is something that everything throughout all of South Florida is known for: the people, the beaches, the nightlife and with that in mind wouldn’t you want the work that your car receives to be standout as well.