Operating Car with Remote Key

How the Remote Keyless System in Vehicle Works

Technological advancements implemented in vehicle design were impressing buyers since the invention of automatic windows and locks. Although today we may take them for granted, such inventions revolutionized automotive amenities. Now, when something goes wrong with our automated lock system, we suddenly begin to notice the modern conveniences of everyday life. Remote keyless systems allow us to be able to electronically, and remotely, lock or unlock doors, open trunks, or even activate the ignition system, starting the car from a distance away. In Dania Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, FL and the surrounding areas, remote keyless systems come in especially handy. For the average commuter, life “on the go” never seizes—whether it be grocery shopping, picking up or dropping off the kids, or transporting items to and from work, remote keyless systems make life quite a bit easier; there is no need to worry about whether or not you locked your car—with the click of a button, it’s done. If you have issues with your keyless entry system, it can be frustrating. Here’s a little information on how the remote keyless system works and what you can do if it isn’t working properly.

Transformation of remote keyless system

For a while, remote keyless systems were the big breakthrough in vehicle technology. It all began with a keypad on which the driver entered a code and unlocked only the driver’s door, and then had to proceed to type in more codes to unlock the rest of the doors or the trunk. Some manufacturers began to catch on to the idea that drivers could also activate the windows from the keypad, adding another element of luxury to the idea of a keyless entry. Needless to say, there were a lot of problems with this design. Eventually, the idea morphed into a keyless remote attached to the driver’s keys, now called a key fob. The key fob is equipped with a transmitter that sends radio waves to the vehicle, and only within a certain distance of the vehicle will it perform its function. The radio waves contain a code that the vehicle receives, activating the lock/unlock door function.

Benefits of modern system

There is a lot that can go wrong with older key fobs—the battery can become drained, the buttons can become worn out, the wiring can turn faulty. Today, the key fob technology has become more advanced, making it easier and more convenient for drivers. Sometimes the keyless system is in an ignition key built into the car, where the driver simply has to be within a distance of the vehicle with the key fob, and with a push of the ignition button, the car is ready to go. Some key fobs even have the ability to start the car from a remote distance; this can be especially helpful during summer or winter months when you want to get a head start on the heating or air system before sitting down on those hot, leather seats. Furthermore, if the car is a convertible, the key fob can remotely open and close the top from a distance.

Repair the remote keyless system at Motronix

The handiness of key fobs and remote keyless systems is highly underrated—many Lady Showing Remote Car Keys drivers don’t realize the convenience or necessity of their key fob until it begins to malfunction. This is why it is so critical to have a trusted, reputable automotive specialist in your back pocket. Finding the right automotive shop that can re-program your remote keyless system is no easy task; you may first be temped to go straight to the dealership, thinking that they are the only ones who can help you. Serving Dania Beach, FL and the nearby areas, Motronix is South Florida’s top-rated service center. They outperform dealerships in all aspects, including customer service and pricing. They are familiar with remote keyless system programming, whether old or new. You don’t have to feel like you’re stuck paying dealership prices for the best quality automotive knowledge and skill—Motronix has been providing a dealership alternative to the South Florida community for over two decades. Specializing in European services, they can help you re-program key fobs for your Audi, Mercedes, BMW, or any other vehicle for that matter. Stop by Motronix to meet the exceptional staff; you’ll feel right at home.