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Is a Navigation System Still Necessary in Cars?

Technological advancement in recent decades has afforded us the opportunity to utilize basic concepts, like satellite GPS, to get us to where we’re going. Navigating the Dania Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Hollywood, FL areas can be confusing; South Florida is a large area, and it can be difficult to get around, particularly if you aren’t familiar with every corner, nook, and cranny. GPS navigation is available on other devices besides ordering it from the dealership at a high cost. Every option comes with benefits and drawbacks, but more and more people are asking: “is a navigation system still necessary?” No one likes getting lost, especially in areas that are unfamiliar to them. I think we can all agree that the importance of some kind of navigation system in one’s car has only increased, as we have become further dependent upon them. The days of pulling over to look at a Thompson map are over, and digital navigation is the newest, most convenient option for travelers. Not all drivers long for the same type of navigation system; it may be that a head unit navigation system is not quite the best option for you. Let’s look at a few of the different ways that drivers are navigating these days to compare the drawbacks and benefits of each.

Via navigation apps

Smartphones have given us the ability to order food, online bank, and buy whatever we want online and have it sent to us with the touch of a button. It’s no surprise that we can use GPS on our phone to find our exact location and help us to navigate anywhere we desire. Smartphones are expensive, yes; however, if you already need a phone for various other functions then you might as well take advantage of the GPS too. Most phones come with navigation apps already installed, making smartphones a great way to navigate without spending additional cash on a navigation unit in your car. Hands-free laws have made it illegal in various states to drive while looking at or touching your phone—basically anything that is taking your attention away from the road for any period of time. This usually does not include adjusting the radio, air conditioner, or anything related to the head unit of the vehicle. This is why many cell users are now mounting their phones on dashboard, and only utilizing Bluetooth functions.

Through standalone GPS units

Another way to navigate is via standalone GPS devices. People purchase standalone units for various reasons, but usually to find a happy medium between the small screen on their cell phone and the luxury of a built-in head unit navigation system. Using your cell phone for navigation can get a little dicey when you have to be driving while doing multiple things. The navigation audio is not always sufficient; sometimes we miss what Judy says, or whoever your automated navigation voice is, and switching back and forth from call screen to navigation screen can be fussy and even dangerous, according to the law. Standalone navigation units help with this problem, and they are significantly lower in cost than built-in units, but they definitely don’t portray the luxury or total function that built-ins offer.

Head unit Vs. Standalone units

For some, Miami and other South Florida areas embody the image of luxury; head unit GPS systems are expensive, but luxurious and truly hands free. You don’t have to worry about getting to where you’re going if you accidently leave your phone at home. Furthermore, standalone units don’t offer all the functions that a head unit does—they are usually less technologically advanced and fully integrated; in other words, you can utilize your head unit navigation system more comprehensively and thoroughly.

Fix navigation system issues at ‘Motronix’

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