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Most Common Issues Every BMW Encounters

It is certain that not all cars are created equally; some may even argue that European import vehicles hold the standard for vehicle engineering. BMWs for instance are held high in various automotive communities, particularly among BMW enthusiasts, of course. Although BMWs offer drivers exceptional quality in mechanics, design, and engineering, every machine has its downsides and issues—even with use of the finest materials, skill, and knowledge. Every specific vehicle brand has unique issues that are typical of their brand alone. BMWs are no exception to this, and automotive shops across the nation can attest. Whatever automotive shop you choose to take your BMW to should have a well-rounded background in BMW repair and maintenance, particularly because BMWs have generally similar problems. Someone who is familiar with the brand can easily identify the typical BMW issues that occur, be able to diagnose them properly, and choose a course of action to repairing or fixing the problem. As a consumer, it may be helpful for you to know a little more about the most common issues that every BMW encounters.

Window Regulator Issues

Some of the signs and symptoms of window issues are downright annoying and inconvenient, but luckily, the problem is generally easily-fixed. If you notice that your windows have a sluggish response to open or close, it may be time for a new regulator clip. The regulator clip is easy to replace, and it is common in BMWs for this part to become worn out over time and break. This issue can become problematic if your window gets stuck partially open, causing you to schedule an emergency mechanic visit. By addressing the issue before it gets out of hand, you can save yourself the embarrassment of a black trash bag over your BMW window and the discomfort of the outside temperature seeping into your luxurious cabin.

Electronic Problems

Sometimes we don’t realize just how much our cars rely on electronics to survive—often drivers assume that any issue has to do with a mechanical problem, when really it can boil down to faulty wiring and interrupted signals or connections. BMWs commonly show signs of electrical problems in radio controls and other various controls like the windshield wipers and turn signals. Some of these electrically-based functions could become safety hazards in rough weather conditions—if you can’t use your windshield wipers suddenly during a storm, you are not able to safely drive according to the law. If your BMW is experiencing electrical issues, you should have them addressed immediately—who knows what systems it could affect next.

Door Locking Mechanism

Many of us forget that the convenience of remote-controlled door locks was developed not so long ago. In other words, in the grand scheme of vehicle design this is a relatively new invention. However, each year manufacturers improve upon this design, making it more efficient and technologically-based. When your BMW experiences issues with the door locking mechanisms, it can be downright inconvenient and dangerous. It puts the items inside your vehicle in jeopardy of theft. This issue could be due to problems with the key fob or the lock sensors themselves. It is important that you get these issues checked out immediately.

Stock Tire Issues

BMW has listened to its customers, and the luxury of run-flat tires now frequently comes stock in most BMW models. While run-flats offer the driver a convenience in a way, they tend to sacrifice in performance and comfort. If you run over a pothole, this can cause the alloy in the wheel to crack, resulting in the tire leaking air gradually, making your car susceptible to blowouts and flats. This is a serious safety hazard that must be addressed right away, and you may consider changing your stock wheels and tires.

Our BMW Expertise

At Motronix, our technicians are highly skilled in working with BMWs of all shapes, sizes, BMW Door Buttons and models. While it is critical to understand the typical shortcomings of every brand, it is also important to get to know our individual clients and their concerns. BMWs are an investment, and we understand it can be frustrating and inconvenient when issues arise. If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned issues with your BMW and you are located near the areas of Dania Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Hollywood, FL, contact us today; we look forward to presenting our expertise and qualifications and earning your trust.

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