Long Drive in Mercedes

Possible Issues in Mercedes That Affect Your Long Drive

Luxury vehicles like Mercedes are perfect for long drives because they offer comforts and conveniences that other vehicles may not. Furthermore, they are durable and well-engineered to withstand long-distance continual driving. In order to ensure the durability of your Mercedes over long drives, it is necessary to stay on top of ongoing maintenance procedures. When your car is not inspected before a long drive, it could be only a few hours before you’re stuck on the roadside, broken down. There are typical areas of your Mercedes that should be inspected before attempting a long drive. Here are some of the particular areas of concern that should be checked out and maintained beforehand.


Before a long road trip, you should have your tires inspected by a professional. Uneven tire wear patterns can indicate more sinister issues to come in the near future. Tire rotations and wheel alignments are generally recommended before long drives, in addition to filling the tires to the proper air level. Mercedes vehicles will usually alert the driver when a sensor detects one or more tires is low on air. Unfortunately sometimes on long drives there can be far distances between gas stations and few opportunities to fill your tires. It’s best to prepare by having your tires inspected and serviced by professionals beforehand. And, of course, always keep a spare tire on-hand.

Oil Quality and Level

Having an oil change a few days before a long trip is a good policy to hold—it can prevent breakdowns and keep your Mercedes running at the optimal performance level the entire drive. By having the oil change a few days before you leave, your car benefits in several ways: the oil is clean and good quality; the oil level is full, but not in danger of leaking; the level of wear on your engine is greatly minimized. Oil changes should be common practice in general Mercedes maintenance and care. It is generally recommended to have an oil change once every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, but this may depend upon your individual driving habits. Additionally, some newer Mercedes models may not need oil changes as frequently.

Coolant Levels and Leaks

Particularly during the warmer, summer months, drivers’ number one fear during a long trip is engine overheating. Engine overheating can occur due to several issues that could come up in your Mercedes. Low coolant levels, radiator problems, or coolant leaks can all cause your engine to overheat and become stranded on the roadside. It is best to have a tune-up before a long trip; most automotive shops inspect the cooling components looking for cracked hoses and inadequate coolant levels. If your cooling system is suffering any significant wear or damage, it is recommended that these issues are attended to before attempting a long drive. You may also consider stocking extra coolant and bottled water in your trunk before you leave.

Safety Features

Often left by the wayside, our safety during long trips is of paramount importance. Mercedes are known for their safety features, and although we may not think of secondary safety mechanisms often, they help ensure that our trip remains as safe as Mercedes Issue Check possible. Windshield wipers should be replaced, even if there isn’t much chance of rainy weather; when traveling far distances it can be difficult to adequately predict the weather patterns. Furthermore, you should have someone help you make sure that all of the emergency lights, brake lights, and headlights are in good working condition. Don’t forget to check that the defroster and air conditioning are functioning properly. You can also keep a bag of safety items in your trunk such as: extra towels, bottled water, reflective signs, and a jack setup.

How We Can Help

At Motronix, we have regular clients from all of the surrounding areas, including Dania Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Hollywood, Florida. Some of our clients include different generations of family members, which emphasizes the importance of what we do. We specialize in European luxury and hybrid brand vehicles, and we choose to only recommend procedures that will ensure our clients’ safety. If you are planning a long road trip, allow us to inspect and service your Mercedes before you leave—we will check all of the aforementioned areas and more. To speak with one of our specialists about our inspections or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today. We look forward to earning your trust and ensuring your safety.

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